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Welcome to MH Press

Before coming to my sales area, I want to tell you something about the idea.

When politic fails, always the soldier had to take the blame. Wether in peace or in war the written word in form of newspapers or magazines is the mirror of our time.

They don’t only act as propaganda to improve the fighting morale of forces, they also inform about news from different fronts and fights. This were very important informations for readers.

An other point is that because of print media the soldier had the possibility to enjoy poetry and jokes and to get informed about the events of the day at home.

Skripts and writings of military history which were formed in time of peace are importent documents of time helping to review what happened.

This website is not only for archiving and selling of collectibles. It is also in remembrance of the victims of war.

Enjoy looking through this page. I would be glad to welcome you as customers.

Yours faithfully

M. Theil

PURCHASE: We are always looking for military historical objects from all eras. Contact us >>> E-Mail